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What is the use of bakelite foot pier produced

Published:2013/9/7 18:01:51Author:Views:

What is the use of bakelite foot pier produced

In the absence of bakelite foot pier before, many people are using wood foot pier, wood foot pier to us in the wood processing plays an important role in the emergence of bakelite foot pier foot pier instead of wood, to our production has played a more important role.
     Bakelite foot pier is an alternative to wood foot pier of the new products, bakelite mainly refers to the time in the processing of some of bakelite bakelite on the plane down from scrap, scrap manufacturers use these reallocation integration process through a variety of processes in the synthesis foot pier. Bakelite foot pier ratio than solid wood foot pier enjoys a great advantage, and we use scrap synthesized only in a certain extent, reduce costs, and this synthetic material hardness products can be produced according to demand.
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