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Which is better production pallets feet?

Published:2013/9/7 17:49:01Author:Views:

Which is better production pallets feet?

Linyi Tongxin Wood specializes in producing a variety of tray pad feet, producing durable pallet feet, from the production to the factory sales have uniform quality management system regulations, belongs to Shandong best foot pad tray manufacturer, we welcome you to buy.
     I plant the production of pallets steppin greatly increase its carrying capacity; glued strong, density, fumigation, waterproof, compressive strength, good wear resistance. The product is widely used in wood packaging, processing, logistics, machinery and electronics, ceramics and building materials, hardware, electrical appliances, precision instruments, mining, steel, shipbuilding, and other industries, transportation and packaging and pallet processing, the product looks smooth, flat appearance, durable, with a carrying capacity, no worms and other characteristics.


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