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What is the role of fungicides shavings pier?

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What is the role of fungicides shavings pier?

Preservatives against fungal killing effect, through its spores into the cell membrane, destroy or prevent spore germination and thus for the purpose to prevent mold growth. Mildew mold spores in intracellular cytotoxicity in the following ways:

(1) inhibition of the activity of the enzyme system. Because enzyme systems and mold spores various intracellular metabolism are closely related.

(2) destruction of the energy delivery system.

(3) and the enzyme-NH2 and-SH reaction, thereby inhibiting the function of the enzyme (such as organic mercury, organic arsenic and quinones).

(4) excessive oxidative phosphorylation promote - reduction system, thereby undermining the functioning of cells.

(5) inhibition of the germination carried RNA (RNA) synthesis, thus preventing the germination of the spores.

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